Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Nothing like a good stock
photo to kick things off!
Hello, synthetic chemists! Welcome to Blog Syn, a new chemical literature review site.

We don't just discuss the methods, we put them to the test!

Stay tuned to this page as we figure out exactly how to structure this new venture. In the meantime, if this sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, drop us a message in the comments.



  1. I want to involve in the project by heart and soul.

    I have sent you email SAO sir.And I am praying that you are from India.I have a set of chemicals and all required assembly for a chemical reaction.

  2. Yes!! Fantastic.

    This is bigger than just the field of synthetic chemistry - you're showing many from other fields how they can, in the clear light of day, take an active role in parts of academia that are too often hidden behind a paywall without a system of checks and balances to hold them to account.

  3. Hello All,
    I am a synthetic chemist. I want to join the team to work upon some task. I congratulate the people who started this venture. Its really a challenging thing but appropriate. Now a days, there are a lot of publication over altering the old conventional catalysts and methods with new green catalysts and mild conditions. The yield put by authors are also surprisingly high. Therefore its a good thing to put such work to test and do a simultaneous review by many workers to put the actual observations on forum. My best luck to all participating in the work of practical review.

  4. Hello,
    Well done! You guys have really put laborious effort in reviewing and replicating those published synthetic routes. Although I'm not a synthetic chemist, but I do find organic chemistry an intriguing field. In fact, I started to get interested in polymer chemistry a year ago and now pursuing my PhD in polymer chemistry. Blog-syn really is an informative blog for amateur like me. If I have any inquiries related to organic synthesis, could I post my problem here hoping that some experienced chemist might be willing to help out.

    Thanks and best regards

  5. Hello,
    I'm amateur chemist from Russia. Can I participate in your project?

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

    Best regards, Sergey.

  6. Where can we suggest papers for review?

    This requires a good look:

  7. A much-belated quote which maybe gets to the heart of this enterprise, from the ever-insightful Ben Goldacre:
    "Real scientists can behave as badly as anyone else. Science isn't about authority, or white coats, it's about following a method. That method is built on core principles: precision and transparency; being clear about your methods; being honest about your results; and drawing a clear line between the results, on the one hand, and your judgment calls about how those results support a hypothesis. Anyone blurring these lines is iffy." (

  8. Maybe you guys should just go down the "May require Mojo" list at Not Voodoo:

    This list has been voted on by dozens of people so it does show things that people have found to be irreproducible, and some of them are very valuable transformations.

  9. Hi there.

    Just a quick note to say that this blog is absolutely fantastic!

    I did my PhD in the UK and am now post-doc-ing in North America, and it's frightening how much this is needed.

    On a (kind of) related note, did you see the recent editorial in Org Lett? They've hired a "data analyser" to check out people's ESIs...and have found several groups doing dodgy things to suppress unwanted peaks in their NMRs.

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